Our aim is to ensure that the value of your investment will be preserved.

Each investor or financer of a rail car has an essential interest in preserving the vehicle's value. And this is exactly the value preservation rcm is offering you.
This requires profound knowledge of the railroad business, of vehicle procurement as well as of vehicle maintenance. RCM is able to offer the entire value-added chain to you from procurement, technical controlling and reporting to reselling.

Asset management services

rcm supports you with selecting the vehicles and throughout the further procurement process, from call for tenders, construction supervision and monitoring to commissioning.

We coordinate and maintain your vehicle fleet, care for the required technical changes and necessary software updates. We take care of the pertaining documentation and the state of your fleet.

We manage the maintenance of your vehicles, take care that relevant standards are adhered to and further develop and optimize them. We take care that performed work is documented correctly and keep the records.

With our long-term experience, we are able to offer reliable failure management to you, from smooth accident management to all insurance-related requirements.

We have been working in the railroad traffic sector for many years and dispose of the relevant market know-how. This knowledge puts us in the position to leverage many possibilities and opportunities in the area of reselling.